Saturday, January 31, 2004

Long walk on the beach, but no sunset 

I would like to start off by apologizing to the few readers I do have out there. I had been thinking of the perfect something to write about, but have figured out that if I waited for that I might never blog again. So anyhow I was thinking about the last blog, and it made me reminisce of a time back in high school when all we had to worry about was what to b.s. about in our next paper or who we were going to ask to prom. It was spring break of my senior year. I know what you are thinking Panama City, Florida. Well you might be disappointed. Ok, so now you are thinking maybe Destin, Florida or a Beach in California. Nope, my friends and I wanted something more challenging, and we definitely got challenged. Abby, Ben, Brandon, Katie, Matt, Ryan, Shannon, and I along with other JROTC cadets packed up for a week of mini boot camp. Now it wasn't nearly half as bad as normal basic training, but for a spring break trip a time for r and r, one might call us a little crazy. On this trip we managed to wake up at 6 or earlier each mourning for a little jog(italicized is sarcasm), put in a gas chamber (don't worry we had gas masks on until they made us take them off, it was only filled with tear gas), shot rifles, and ran a few more jogs. All said it was one of the best spring break trips I have ever been on (that's why they call us crazy because we actually enjoyed it). I don't know why, but the guys of the group had obtained these shorts. Now an important description of these shorts is they were somewhere in between John Stockton shorts and Daisy Dukes. On our way to Washington D.C. we made a quick stop in Virginia Beach. This was the closest thing to a normal spring break. I was bound and determined to go out on the beach. So we had to wear our wonderful shorts under our clothes to get pictures of our great adventure. We finally arrive and have about three hours to walk around and enjoy Virginia Beach. It was cold and getting dark. It had to be in the 40's or low 50's with the wind blowing hard(no exaggeration or sarcasm). Against all sense we did what you were hoping we wouldn't stripped down to the only those Daisy Duke shorts. Another important fact, three of us were football players and not the most attractive with our shirts off. Lets just say we had kegs instead of six packs. Two others weren't exactly the bulkiest of people. And yes you guessed it Matt was there to show us all up on our physique. Just the right amount of muscle and not as much fat. And then we realized we had made a mistake in leaving the females to photographer duties. To their enjoyment they took a stroll down to the beach, and took their dear sweet time taking the pictures. Everyone was staring off their balcony and out their windows to see who the idiots were out on the beach on such a cloudy blistery day. A few minutes later the torture was over and the pictures were taken, but we hadn't actually gotten in the water. I decided that I hadn't come all this way not to get into the water. After talking to the gang, I only succeeded in coercing Matt into taking the polar bear plunge with me. You will be happy to find out that we only managed to get our feet wet and that was enough. That was the gangs long walk on a beach minus the sunset. You might say we are hopeless romantics.

Saturday, January 24, 2004

Sunset but no long walk on the beach 

Tonight I glanced out the front picture window at my house, and just had to gasp at the sight. A sunset that painted the skies flourescent pink with hints of orange. It was the perfect sky. Dreams could not blend the colors together any better. I being a self proclaimed photographer rushed out the door grabbing my camera, and jumped into my truck to get the perfect angle. As I had expected I was too late to get a great shot. I started to reflect on how precious sunsets and sunrises are. They exist each mourning and night, but last only a few minutes. The few minutes seem to last eternity when your mind is soaked into the moment. Some more beautiful then others, but each bringing something to the table. Sort of like my group of friends. It's the little things in life we take for granted. That sunset I witnessed was as close to heaven I will get til I die, but for that one moment the colors were perfect. It was great to witness something that beautiful. I kind of wish that my significant other was with me to share such a moment. Now I know why people admit to admiring long walks on the beach during the sunset. Though I had no beach. I had the next best thing one of my many homes Kentucky. I can't wait til tomarrows sunset. I might even get up to see the sunrise.

Friday, January 23, 2004


Well I thinking about what I was going to post. Then I thought to myself none of my stories would make sense unless you have a background on the people you are learning about. Most of us were in MCJROTC together thoughout high school (that's Marine Corps Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps).
Ben:Well he was our C.O. the big guy in charge. If you ever want to talk military or politics this is the man to do so. He is very intelligent and can write like Bill Shakepeare, ok not same style, but that well. http://cavalierattitude.blogspot.com
Brandon:He is well Brandon. The on going joke is that he must consult Ben and I before speaking. He is good at heart, but not smooth with the mouth. If you have heard "My Stupid Mouth" by John Mayor that is Brandon. However he does have cuteness, and I consider him the brother I never had. http://cuterwithmymouthclosed.blogspot.com
Katie:She is Katie. No other way to describe her. Great personality, and very cute. Now one thing about Katie is she loves the Beatles. Knows just about every song, owns metal lunch boxes, and well you can tell. She is the bright personality of the group.
Abby:One of the strongest women I know. She isn't afraid to tell you what she thinks. And well she has the charisma to pull it off. Watch out guys she can even pull off the sweatshirt and jeans look better than anyone I know.
Ryan:Ryan F**Kin Roberts, well that's what he prefers to be called. A larger than life guy who is in the infantry, and will let you know that. Loves women and alcohol. And is well Ryan F**Kin Roberts.
Shannon:Shannon is a larger than life comedian, or at least he thinks so. No one brings out the best in Shannon than all the friends together and a few Sky Blues. Currently an MP in the National Guard and on his way to the middle east. Shannon is definitely the class clown of the group.
Leah:Well she can shoot. By that I mean rifles. She is the shit, and I wouldn't want to piss her off. One of the best in the nation. She is currently on scholarship, and you will probably see her in the Olympics one day.
Carrie Beth:Is the All-American girl. She is a college cheerleader. You know the kind, the ones that will succeed in whatever they do. She had the looks and I don't know a sweeter person. She is my "southern belle."
Matt:Otherwise referred to as Chew. He is the All-American guy. Has the looks and talent to do what he wants. Plans on being a Marine officer, and will make a damn good one.
These are the main group of friends. I will fill you in on need to knows for the rest when necessary.

Thursday, January 22, 2004

Well this is my first post so I hope it lives up to your expectations. The creation of this blog is accredited to Ben and Brandon who got me hooked on this blog thing, and to the many stories of water (dating relationships). Yes my friends and I have had discussions lasting hours on the topic of our water and lack there of. The great thing about our group of friends is that we are all different. Some have oceans of water, some have deserts (me), some had a flash flood after high school, and some have experienced a drought. No matter what the situation I hope you enjoy the stories that I call my life. Before ending this post I will tell you a little about myself. I am a freshmen at Oklahoma Baptist University, (yes I am a christian) but have plans of transferring somewhere next year. I am rather quiet and shy. I was born in Illinois so I have the yankee blood in me, but the past six years I have enjoyed Kentucky. I enjoy sports and hanging out with friends. Well I will end there and you will just have to wait til tonight to get the next senseless post.

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