Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Clouds need loving too 

Yea that is right this post is about the underrated clouds. All I hear these days is how beautiful the sun is. When little kids draw pictures it is always the sun that gets the smily faces. Well I'm here to stand up for the perfectly shaped white cotton balls up in the sky. I like the clouds more than anything in the sky. They provide me with shade from the awfully bright sun. If it weren't for the clouds the beautiful pastels that we enjoy during sunsets and sunrises would not exist. They come in all shapes and sizes, where as, the sun is just a big ball of gas. They can take shape, and let your imagination run wild. I have seen cartoon characters, states, boats, cars, and faces formed by the phenomenon. The clouds also bring rain. There is nothing like a rainy day. So the next time you have a rainy day or just a cloudy one thank the clouds for covering the sun and let your imagination take you off to places of dreams. Cloud make the sun what it is. I love the clouds.

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Hello, I'm Johnny Cash 

Ok, as you can tell I'm not Johnny Cash, but this post is dedicated to the "Man in Black." He didn't have the greatest voice, and he didn't need it. For he had something that surpasses all musical talent. Maybe you can figure it out. J.R. Cash was a good ole southern boy picking cotton in Arkansas. He figured out singing made the day go by as he worked out in the gruelling sun. His mother sent him to singing lessons to help him achieve his dream. Even after experiencing the death of his younger brother in a farm machinery accident, he wouldn't let the circle be broken. A military service tour and marriage later Cash signed with Sun Records. Also known for Elvis yet another legend. After a few albums with Sun records, unhealthy relationships with producers led Cash to leave and pursue other label companies. Soon after joining another record label Cash fell into drugs and alcohol addictions to keep up with a demanding performance schedule. But he was able to pull out with help from 2nd wife and true love June Carter, member of the Carter family. Drugs and alcohol Johnny conquered, for he even cheated death. The "Ghost Riders in the Sky" couldn't even shake the legend.
"Folsom Prison Blues" showed the understanding Cash had for the prisoners long paying their crime. Cash rightfully declared himself the spokes person for the weary and beaten down. He stood up tall for those that could not. He knew the farmer, the factory worker, and the truck driver. "The One on the Right" was about arguments over political stances. Cash knew when to speak and when to listen. He was a patriotic fighting man. Old Glory held a special place in his heart. His songs touched millions all over the world. This man bridged the gap between all Americans. He worked with U2, Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen, Emylou Harris, Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, June Carter Cash, the Carter Family, Everly Brothers, Kris Kristopherson, Shel Silverstein, and sang covers of Nine Inch Nails and Dean Martin just to mention a few. You see, Johnny Cash stood for what America is. He didn't just do white songs, he didn't just do country, he didn't just do lower class. He knew love, from love lost to love gained. He wrote about gunfighters, indians, Marines, drunks, and movie stars. When I think American, I think Johnny Cash. What is an American? Johnny Cash. He cared for everyone. He knew when to fight and when to love.
And in the end he didn't want any glory or fame. "You can have it all, my empire of dirt. Because I will let you down. I will make you hurt." Sadly J.R. Cash was taken from us on September 12, 2003. But I know God is enjoying that ole scraggly voice right now, and Johnny is enjoying June Carter Cash taken a few months earlier up to the spirit in the sky. Johnny Cash is, well, he said it best, "Hello, I'm Johnny Cash."

And the blog grows 

We have done it. Shelbyville has added two more to the blog scene. My friends Katie and Abby have both joined us. If you find yourself wondering who they are check my first or second post. Their blogs are listed below. You won't go wrong visiting any of the Shelby blog sights. All are extremely talented writers that bring something different to the table.

Sunday, February 08, 2004

The girl that got away 

Well I went to my Spanish class for the first time on Friday. As I walked into the room I was met with a person from my past. It was the girl who got away. More truthful the relationship I screwed up. To explain the story more I have to go back to sophomore year in high school. ******It was fall semester and I was in Mrs. O'Connell's honors English class. I was sitting in the back corner as I do in most classes. You get to observe more in the back. Not only do you get what is being taught, but you know the atmosphere and everyone in the class. Anyhow a quiet girl sat diagonal from me and she was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. Way out of my league. We got to be in the same groups and the whole flirting thing started. In fact our group actually got sent out in the hall. It was quite funny because I had never had a teacher threaten to have me escorted out. Great times Great times. I loved that class. So anyway this girl was unbelievable she actually came to my last block after class to see me. And well you can guess I asked her to the Christmas dance and we started dating I believe it was about November 13 or close around that maybe the 18. But anyhow it was going great we never argued, but more importantly never kept anything in that would have exploded. We enjoyed talking on the phone, unfortunately we didn't have our drivers license. Although we got to watch movies over at the houses, went to the movies, malls, and dances all that fun stuff. November passed and everything was great. December had come and gone, but was even better. January was great we had another class together and got to sit next to each other which is always good. Then came everyone's favorite month and holiday. I wish I could say it lasted till the 14th. Almost three months and the second greatest relationship I ever had was over (only below God's). I don't blame her now after I have had time to reflect, but as most guys do I got mad and jealous of her new b/f. But now all I can think of is what could have been?*****So I walk into my Spanish class and she is sitting there we glance at each other and gave that awkward smile. I take my seat in the back, and all the feelings rush back. Did I do something wrong? Why couldn't God make this the girl? It's funny she moved away after sophomore year, so it wasn't hard not seeing her. The funny part is we talked on the AIM. When it got close to college, I mentioned that she should look into OBU. Oklahoma Baptist University was just one of many I looked at. Well as you can see both of us picked the same school. It is quite funny three years later over 700 miles away. The girl that I love and miss would happen to be at the same school with less than 2,000 students, halfway across the country. This is a small world. She is really happy, and has a great Christian guy who loves Jesus. That's is all that I can ask for, and hope that I will find a great women who loves the Lord as much as the girl who got away.

Saturday, February 07, 2004

To play like kids 

Don't you just wish you could go back to when you were 8 or 9? Let your imagination run wild. I remember when I was the secret agent, the race car driver, the basketball star, or the green beret. I just had an interesting conversation. Do we lose the ability to go off to far places, and save the world? I loved being able to hit the game winning grand slam in the bottom of the ninth down by three with two outs, count loaded. Then the next day I could save the world by defeating hundreds of Germans. Hit a last second three pointer in overtime in game seven of the NBA finals. Why do we lose an interest in doing great things? I tend to think we don't lose that ability. It is down in us somewhere. The hard part is finding it. The longer we don't use it the harder it is to twirl and enjoy nature. If we just observe children we could learn a lot. Their innocence could teach us all something. So next time you get that urge to go play in the stream, or to act like a kid. Don't worry about what others opinions are and enjoy the inner child.

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Its my name 

Hullo readers,
I thought I would chat about a place of confusion in my life. My name. Yes, it may sound funny, but I have about 4 or 5 names for different occasions or people. Well my name is Charles Travis Gardner. Charles named after my Grandaddy on my mom's side. Travis named after my Papaw of my dad's side. So the first thing is Charles sounds so professional and kind of royalty. Very profound which I don't really think I am. Although if I was knighted Sir Charles would be awesome. The next name really doesn't go along with my birth name, but I have been called this since I was a baby. One of my mom's friends called me Chase one time and it stuck. Everyone who meets me through my family mostly calls me Chase. Which I guess if I had to pick one that would be it. I think it is the most aesthetic of the group, and most girls prefer that one. Next as you can guess is Chuck because of its connection with Charles. All my guy friends call me chuck I guess cause it's a hang out name. The problem about this name is it sounds very red neck, and well no parent wants to hear their daughter is dating a chuck. Plus the whole "what's up Chuck?" joke gets on my nerves. After the one millionth time you hear something like that, it gets old. Although a few good guys have given this name a positive outlook like Chuck Berry, Chuck Taylor and "Chuck" Charles Barkley. Chucky well this is a name for dolls or little kids. We all know the famous movies that starred a demon possessed red haired doll named Chucky. You also have the adorable scaredy cat Chucky in the hit cartoon Rugrats. Neither of these personalities are me, and I'm not a little kid. Last but not least, Charlie the first thing that comes to my mind is my favorite cartoon The Peanuts. I can really relate to this character, and love the adventures he goes on with his trusty beagle. And of course a name my parents like to call me. So in order are my names. I think each describe a personality of me, or role I fill.
1. Chase
2. Charles
2. Charlie
4. Chuck
5. Chucky

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Good mourning beautiful 

"Good mourning beautiful, how was your night? Mine was wonderful with you by my side. And I open my eyes to see your sweet face. Oh what a good mourning beautiful day."
Ok I'm done singing for now. That was just dedicated to a great person, well you know who you are. Just thought you needed a smile this mourning. Yes after pulling an all nighter last night I figured I would be dead asleep, yea right. I know my superbowl picks were wrong, but oh well I hate football. Well until Pittsburgh gets back on track even if Carrie Beth and I have to take over the team. I'm not going to talk about sports that much because I have to do that for a job so this is my break from that. Instead here is a funny story. There was a group of four guys planning for dates they would have for a dance. Their names are Allen, Travis, James, and Ray. The guys had a full proof plan. Eat at a nice Italian restaurant before the big dance. All had dates. Travis got his unbeknownst to him. Martin had taken liberty in finding him a date. Ms. S and Travis were chatting when the ball had come up in conversation the two had realized that they were set up with out Travis' knowledge. He was ok with this, and it was the start of the fiasco. Travis' date had a friend that would go with Ray. James took a girl that he had fancied for a while. Allen even had an attractive date. One day before the dance Travis' date calls Ray to tell him his date is sick, and can't make it. Panic mode sets in and everyone tries to find Ray a date. A couple prospects later, a friend of the family emerges as the front runner. Plans were back on, and everyone had dates.
Day of the dance: Travis and Allen go fishing before the big night. The unexpected phone call came. Ray was on the other line letting Travis know his date is sick, and won't be able to make it. Problem number one four hours till meeting time and Travis was left dateless. Problem two Ray can't attend the dinner with his friends because the strict rules of dates family. The party is down to 5 and Travis is the odd man out. He decides to stick it out and go to dinner and dance it up stag. If you are confused then you understood perfectly. This is just a story of complete confusion and the worst thing is it is all true. But not to end there Allen wins King of the ball. James opens his mouth before thinking and with no problem offends his date. Travis is left to dance with the people who pitty him. And Ray seems rather happy with his date. The End

Sunday, February 01, 2004

Superbowl for the Superweaklings 

Ok I know that the last post was horrible, but living in Kentucky and going to school in Oklahoma doesn't offer that much material. That and well I never claimed to be a great writer. Just hours away is the biggest sporting event of the year. Well la dee fricken da. This year, in my opinion, will be just as bad as last year. Of course I'm a little bias. On one hand you have the New England Patriots who has one of the most overrated quarterbacks. Drew Bledsoe should still be at the helm in New England. All because of a technicality they got to the big game two years ago, and relied on the best player on the team, the kicker. So anyhow they manage to get back two years later, and are favorites which I don't understand. Then you have the Carolina Panthers which I have nothing against. They are a team, not just a kicker and pretty boy quarterback. They use smash mouth running headed by a great back in Stephen Davis with equal talented backups, and hardnose defense. That is the way football should be played. This is what wins championships, yet Patriots are the favorites. So as you can see I will be cheering for the Panthers if I can stay awake that long. But here is my prediction 23-14 Panthers over the Pats.

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